To say it’s been an exciting, incredibly fulfilling journey, building Bregal Milestone.

Bregal Milestone is one of the world’s leading growth investors. With Bregal Milestone’s history of investing in ambitious high-growth technology companies, we believe this will be a great partnership.

The team at Bregal Milestone matches our values of being down-to-earth, product obsessed, and customer-centric. We believe that we picked a great partner and are super excited to be working together to scale Teamwork faster. 

What’s next for Teamwork?

This investment won’t change our vision, who we are as a team, or what we believe in. And this milestone would not be possible without the trust of our 20,000+ customers from around the world that rely on our software to run their businesses.

We couldn’t have gotten here without the amazing staff at Teamwork. It has been a fun and incredible journey from the day we opened our doors with a small (but mighty) team to now growing to over 270 people worldwide. Along with our customers, the backbone of Teamwork has always been our people. We are committed to continuing to build the best place to work for our staff, and to scale remarkable experiences and growth accelerators for our team. 

To our team, customers, our friends and families, and everyone who has been a part of our journey, we cannot thank you enough for your continued support in our company, and we’re excited to share our progress with you all as we put this investment to work. We are incredibly fortunate as a business (and as people!) to have made it this far on this journey, but we’re far from being done.

Not by a long shot.